Our Philosophy


Most Computer Science education available to today’s students is focused on creating a product: “make a website in a week” or “make a game in a day.” This teaches students to value rote memorization over real learning, and makes them skilled in completing exactly one task.

GoCode’s Curriculum is designed to teach students the critical thinking tools that equip them to face whatever obstacle is between them and their goals.


We believe that, as our students grow to understand their machines, they gain an awareness, appreciation, and curiosity about the systems that underpin our tech-centered society.

The tools and skills gained by learning with GoCode will give students the confidence to take on whatever computer science challenges they may come to face.


We recommend weekly Lessons because, just as with learning a language or musical instrument, constant practice is necessary for true learning to take place.

We want to prepare the next generation to be users, not consumers. Computer literacy will help them make informed decisions for the rest of their lives.